Wedding Buffet Feast Sample Menu

Canapes (please choose 4 from the following:)


  • Goat’s cheese and roasted pepper on garlic toast (v)

  • Cucumber & feta with mint and dill and pomegranate

  • Seasonal fruit, mozzarella & mint wrapped in Parma ham

  • Duck liver pate with onion jam on toasted brioche

  • Duck liver pate with apricot jam on toasted brioche finished with dark chocolate

  • Smoked salmon blinis with dill crème cheese

  • Individual ham and cheese quiche

  • Salami with cream cheese and chives on toasts

  • Prunes wrapped in bacon (devils on horseback)

  • Zesty tapenade crostini (v)

  • Mushrooms with dried ham on garlic toast

  • Sun-dried tomato, mozzarella and olive kebabs (v)

  • Feta and caramelised red onion tartlets (v)

  • Smoked mackerel with horseradish upon toast


Main course (please choose 3 from the following:)


Served at the table or buffet station

  •  Classic Coq au Vin

  • Beef Bourguinonne

  • Sauté pork with tangy ginger and apricot sauce

  • Chicken strips, fresh mango and spring onions

  • Beef & pork meatballs in piquant tomato

  • Chicken Tikka Masala

  • Clementine and vodka baked salmon with beetroot crème fraiche

  • Salmon Koulibiak – salmon sides with fragrant rice and eggs encased in puff pastry

  • Roast monkfish in a tangy lemon & tomato sauce

  • Paella – meat, fish or vegetarian

  • Butternut squash, red onion & sage lasagne

  • Ratatouille

  • Roast pepper, garlic & feta puff pastry


At the salad table bowls of –


  • Fresh crisp green salad

  • Cucumber and garden fresh mint

  • Sliced tomatoes, fresh basil & olive oil and homemade pesto


Salad Options – please of 3


  • Marinated roast peppers with artichoke hearts and pasta topped with feta cheese

  • Grilled courgette & aubergine with herb couscous salad

  • Beetroot with preserved lemon, fresh parsley & dill finished with fresh yoghurt

  • Basmati & wild rice mixed with peas and ham

  • Poached pear, melon, blue cheese & fresh mint

  • Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, black olives & fresh basil pesto

  • Green beans & garlic with mustard seed and honey dressing

  • Potato salad enlivened with gherkins and capers

  • Classic Waldorf salad of apple, walnuts & celery bound in a light mayonnaise

  • Hand-cut white & red cabbage coleslaw

Accompanied by

  • Fresh Artisan baguettes & mustard, hummus and garlic mayonnaise


Desserts (please choose 1)


  • Panna cotta served with seasonal fresh fruits

  • Caramelised apple tart with crème Chantilly

  • Rich vanilla cheesecake, with fruit sauce

  • Rich chocolate cake with crème Chantilly

  • Lemon tart, crème Chantilly

  • Soft seasonal fruit Pavlova


Cheese Course/Late Night Snack

  • Soft, hard & blue cheeses served with onion jam, bread and grapes


Coffee served from a coffee station


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