Terms & Conditions




In these Terms and Conditions, the following expressions have the following meanings:


  • “The Client” The person/s who have paid to hire the services of the Caterer.

  • “Caterer” The Event Kitchen.



1.0            Booking your date with ‘The Event Kitchen’


1.1           All event bookings must be confirmed in writing by The Client.  A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required to secure                     the Caterer for the date of your event.


2.0            Payment Schedules


2.1            The Client agrees to pay a 25% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit to secure the booking through bank transfer/cash                           (payable to Presley Swensson).


2.2            Receipt of your deposit and a signed invoice is confirmation that you accept these terms and conditions.


2.3            The Client agrees to provide the Caterer no later than 21 days (xxx) prior to the event final numbers of guests, individual food                           choices,  allergies and special dietary requirements. The information provided at this point will be used to produce your final                           invoice.


2.4            The final invoice will be submitted for the remaining amount to The Client and is payable 14 days (xxx) prior to the                                             event through bank transfer/cash (payable to Presley Swensson).


2.5            If final numbers decrease once the final invoice has been paid then there will be no reduction in costs. If numbers increase once the                   final invoice has been paid, every effort will be made to accommodate this and additional costs will be incurred.


3.0            Menu


3.1            Client and Caterer to agree the menu, changes to the menu can only be made in consultation with the Caterer no later than one                         month before the Event date and may incur an additional charge.


4.0            Cancellation Policy


4.1            In the unfortunate event of a booking having to be cancelled by The Client confirmation in writing is required. Your deposit will                       be retained and the following charges will be incurred which reflect the reduced time available to obtain any alternative bookings:


                 4.1.1        Cancellation received less than 21 days prior to the event – 100% of the total event cost.

4.2            The total event cost will be based on the numbers of guests scheduled at the agreed price per head.

4.3            Should the event be cancelled by The Caterer due to serious outside events, The Caterer will refund all monies paid immediately                     upon notification  of cancellation and will make reasonable efforts to obtain similar services.


5.0            Insurance


5.1           The Caterer carries the appropriate insurance cover relevant to its service. The Caterer’s insurance does not cover any damages or                    accidents not due to any direct fault of the Caterer or staff. 


5.2           We advise The Client to take out relevant insurance to cover any possible cancellation due to travel problems or serious outside                        events which could hinder the catering. 


6.0           Dietary requirements & special requests


6.1           The Caterer requires that The Client asks all their guests if they have any food relevant allergies and that The Client informs The                      Caterer of these 21 days before the event. The Caterer asks that The Client pay particular attention to the list below, detailing the 14                  major allergens for concern: - 

               Cereals containing gluten, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Peanuts, Soybeans, Milk, Nuts, Celery & Celeriac, Mustard, Sesame, Sulphur                       dioxide/sulphites,  this can be used as a preservative in dried fruit, Lupin & Molluscs.


6.2           The Caterer offers products that can include the 14 major allergens as detailed in point 6.1. Whilst The Caterer takes steps to                              minimise the risk of cross contamination, The Caterer cannot guarantee that any of the products are free from the 14 major                                allergens as detailed in 6.1.

6.3           The Caterer will endeavour to provide suitable adaptions to The Clients menu for any guests with special dietary requirements or                    food allergies that The  Caterer is made aware of. The Caterer cannot however take responsibility for any guests food requirements                  unless advised in advance (no less than 21 days prior to the event). All dietary meals will be individually served. 

7.0          Tableware Hire

7.1          Where tableware is hired, if on the return of the tableware to The Caterer equipment is found to be damaged, broken or not in a                       substantial working order, The Client is to pay to the owner the cost and expenses of restoring the tableware. Notification of such                     damage will be provided to the Client within 14 days after the Event.

8.0            Equipment

8.1            Any equipment whether owned by The Event Kitchen or hired on your behalf, lost or damaged by you or any guest will be                               charged at the full replacement cost.


8.2            Additional charges may apply for the hiring of specialist equipment.  If so, the Caterer will notify you of this. 


9.0            Misc


9.1            The Caterer accepts no liability for any food supplied to the Client by another caterer (or food products supplied by The Client                         themselves) in  additional to those arranged by the Caterer.


9.2            The Caterer does not employ the service staff; The Client will be required to pay the service staff direct for their services.


10.00       Force Majeure


10.1         No liability is accepted by The Caterer for failure of performance due to natural causes, strike, lockout, hostilities or any other                          circumstances outside the control of The Caterer.




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